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Terms and Conditions

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Terms and conditions
These general terms and conditions is only a coarse translation. It is only one overlook, the original is in German.
Below you find a list of the terms and conditions that apply when you make a booking through our websites, by Email or by phone. If there are any points in our terms and conditions which you require clarification or further explanation, please contact us. 1. All successful reservations made via HotelEinig.de will be confirmed by email to the client to the provided email address. You can book by phone or at the Hotel. The hotel reserves itself the right to reject reservations for important reasons.

2. Payments are payable with the arrival; HOTEL PENSION EINIG can require from guests with reservation or arrival the information of the credit card.

3. The check in for guests is possible from 14.00 o'clock at any time. For the case that a guest has not arrived till 18.00 o'clock and has not informed the hotel about his / their later arrival the hotel is entitled to rent the room otherwise.

3.2 Guests have to remove during the departure day their(her) rooms till 12.00 o'clock and to pay their(her) bill. The hotel entitles delays in this respect to take into account another overnight accommodation.

4. All prices correspond to the current prices per room at the hotel which are published in the reception and are available on inquiry.

5. All bills must have been paid with the departure.

6. HOTEL PENSION EINIG reserves itself the right to refuse the access to the hotel and an accommodation to a guest if the assistants are with arrival of the guest of the reasonable view that this guest stands under the influence of alcohol or drugs, is inadequately dressed or to itself threateningly, offensive or otherwise inacceptably holds back.

7. The hotel reserves itself the right to refer a guest from the hotel if this disturbs the peace, offends other guests or the hotel staff annoyed or behaves or inacceptably.

8. Guests have to keep to the appropriate rules valid in the hotel and procedures, particularly of the health regulations and safety regulations, the security procedures and the legal register. Children less than 14 years must be at any time in the surveillance of an adult guest.

9. HOTEL PENSION EINIG is not responsible for losses or losses in valuable objects.

10. Guests are regarded to announce losses or losses in their(her) property to discovering immediately to the responsible staff and to support the hotel by the composition of announcements for the police.
HOTEL PENSION EINIG is liable in no way to his guests for losses or losses in the property which appear from inadequate behavior or negligence of guests, higher authority or from situations in which the guest is responsible only for the concerning property.
These general terms and conditions are defeated by German law and you agree with the fact that for all disputes from this contract the German courts are responsible.
Guests are for losses, losses or violations of life, body and health which are due to businesses of the guest at the hotel, liable.

HOTEL PENSION EINIG is liable in no way for losses or losses which appear in vehicles of guests. Exceptions form cases where such losses or losses on roughly negligent or deliberate behavior of the hotel can be led back.

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